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Poster: clementinescaboose Date: Nov 23, 2012 7:27am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: DEAD women...

I think you make some pretty interesting points regarding the biological differences about perception of music. It may be hard to have this conversation without resorting to stereotypes or even sexism, but the problem is my experience is pretty much exactly the same.

I think a more accurate way to put it also is that men are better listeners when it comes to different elements of music than women. Like LIA says, men might be more analytical listeners, in that we appreciate the elements of music that have to do with instruments and instrumental interaction far more. This seems to give many men a more emotional response than the aspects of music that give women this response.

I think many women respond much more to the lyrical content or the 'feel' of a song, rather than the individual instruments underpinning it.

For example my gf (and the vast majority of women I know) don't usually have much of a response to long jams or the instrumental parts of a song or get super into 'jam bands' or jazz. She rarely talks about it or discusses the merits of it; she has basically come out and said before that she feels that type of music doesn't really have all that much (or as much) merit. But put on one of her favorite artists like Bright Eyes or Ani DiFranco and she will go on and on about the symbolism and lyrical complexities and meanings and messages of the songs, whereas I could generally give a rat's ass about that type of stuff, and a lot of it goes right over my head.

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